simplifying my… hair!

Every morning I wake up at 5am and, as a nursing and working mother, I can barely find enough time to style my hair, put on makeup, and find something decent to wear before I head out the door an hour and a half later. Most of the time I never get to the makeup and end up wearing whatever two things I find first that match. Forget about jewelry. I spend a large part of the time blow drying my hair, and then I end up hating the way it looks anyway. It is too short to put up but long enough to bother me. The solution, it seems, is to cut it. Short, so I can just towel dry it and go. And rather than rushing around in the darkness of the early morning, I can slow everything else down and have a peaceful start to the day.

After weeks of contemplation, here are the results:


Special thanks to McCall Dunn at BangBang Hair Salon and Creative Space.


3 thoughts on “simplifying my… hair!

    • I agree! That’s actually why I debated about it for so long, but my sister is the one who cuts it, so it gives us a chance to catch up and supports her business. Plus, better to spend the money on a haircut than more new stuff (clothes, accessories, etc.)!

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