walking the walk

So here’s an update. (Yes, I have done more to simplify lately than chopping off my hair.)

The drawers of my dresser now close! Here is the heap of clothes and shoes and accessories that I am letting go of in one way or another (consignment or donations; trash already went out):


That’s three big bins of clothes and one of shoes. I also have a bin of maternity clothes for consignment and a couple ziplock bags of jewelry that I am giving to a friend (neither are pictured).

I am still sifting through some of the clothes that I may want to keep, narrowing it down to *about* the list that I came up with earlier. I may have to keep a couple additional items because, as anyone with an infant knows, I have to change a lot. I hadn’t really factored that into my calculation.

I already know I will go over my estimated amounts by the following things which I have deemed essential. (Pragmatism, people.):
2 sets of long underwear (mid-, and light-weight)
Fleece pants
Rain pants
Steger mukluks and moccasins
Sorel boots
Hiking boots
2 swimming suits and a cover-up
Winter layers: fleece jacket, fleece vest, outer shell (in addition to my regular winter coat)
Tweed suit coat
Very formal black dress

Still, this is a significant downsize. And still, I am very proud of letting this much stuff out of my life. I feel lighter with every empty bin.


4 thoughts on “walking the walk

  1. Great post!

    I myself remember that the first step I took towards the journey of Minimalism and simplicity was through de-cluttering the closet.

    I soon realized that, I have too many unnecessary clothes and clutter in my closet.

    It does feel gorgeous, indeed.

    Would love a feedback from a fellow minimalist on my blog about Minimalism and Simplicity!

    Keep in touch. Cheers! 😀

  2. I have been battling the closet as well 🙂 I wrote about that tonight. I tried to do the 40 hanger challenge and got down to about 50. I got rid of SOOO much. I am sure I could get rid of more but I am down to those last remaining things like you that I think are essential…but maybe….next round I can let them go!

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