turning a new leaf

I no longer want to be riddled with guilt every time I look around our apartment and see dying plants. I used to have time to take care of them. In fact, a couple of years ago, I had many more, and I was very proud of them. Slowly they’ve dwindled in number. I’ve given many away to friends and family as we moved the last couple of years. Now that my hands are full with a baby, I don’t have time to take care of even the ones I have left. They are suffering from neglect. Clearly:


While I normally reserve re-potting for Spring, this project couldn’t wait. I decided to consolidate what’s left of them into one or two pots. Much easier to handle as far as watering and care goes. Plus, it will free up some prime counter space.

I used one of the clothes bins I cleared out to contain the mess. (That project just keeps on giving.)


It took about a hour… maybe a little longer with clean-up. With the winter this cold and drythey seriously needed a soil refresher. No wonder they were withering. Now I have two beautiful, and more importantly manageable (in terms of time and space), houseplants to make our apartment feel like home.


And they must love it, too, because every single plant sprouted a new leaf by the following day.


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