the art of giving

In my anxiety over moving in the next few months, I decided to head down to the storage unit (which has spilled out into our shared basement) to tackle the task of simplifying stuff we haven’t seen, let alone used, for years. For the most part, I am finding it fairly easy to let go. It helps that I’ve dedicated myself to this, changed my mindset quite a bit, and am really on a roll. Still, there are those few quality things that I know I won’t use, but I like them so much they seem to deserve better than being thrown into a random donation bin. When I get stuck here, I have found it helpful and even enjoyable to think of someone in my life who might really love the thing too. Brainstorming in itself is fun, and offering it is especially great because it’s unexpected. Usually people appreciate that you thought of them and are grateful to take things they will use and enjoy off your hands. So far I have given away the following things with this result:
A teapot
Kitchen utensils
And gardening stuff

Giving really is better than receiving, lately even more so.


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