moving countdown

We are moving into a bigger space. Yes, bigger (slightly). I know that it’s not the minimalist thing to do, but it sure will simplify our lives. (The common assumption is that these things always go together, but it’s not necessarily so.) Currently, in our one bedroom apartment, we have given the room to our 9-month-old son, and we moved our bed to the “dining room” area so that we can get some sleep apart from him. After which our cat begged for attention each morning beginning at 3:30am until we woke and would then go back to sleep. With no way to shut him out, it was wearing on all of us. Thankfully, my mother-in-law has gladly accepted him into her home. Needless to say, for the health and sanity of all our family, we desperately need our own rooms. After investing incredible time and effort, we finally found a great two-bedroom within our budget in an ok location which says a lot in our all-time-low-vacancy market. And sooner than expected. We are in our new place in less than a month! It’s exciting but sometimes difficult not to let panic set in. I remind myself that we have already done a lot to downsize our belongings, but it is still SO much to move. Now, the major clean-out begins…


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