walking the walk: update

After majorly downsizing my clothes earlier this year, I sorted out the brand-name pieces in the best shape and sent them to Twice, an online consignment site. I chose this site because I have purchased clothes from them before, they make it super simple to consign by sending you a bag and paying for the shipping, and they accept most of the brands that I wear. It was easy! The turn around was several weeks but I made $53.50 (cash, not credit) from selling 18 items, and they donated whatever they couldn’t accept. Their standards are pretty straight forward so you have a good idea when you send it what you’ll get.

I made several trips to the thrift store for the non-name-brand items.

These two tasks were accomplished right away, but I had a really difficult time getting the rest of it out of my house. What was left was bound for local consignment, and (a) it was hard to find a place that would accept items that weren’t pressed and on hangers. Mine were clean and nicely boxed, but I couldn’t justify putting that much more time in to get so little in return. And (b) I just wanted to get paid and go, not wait around to see if it sells and for how much. I am sure there are benefits to putting in the time and work, but I am focused on keeping things simpler than that right now.

Plus, (c) with my husband’s opposite schedule, I had to find a way to get it over to the store with our 9-month-old in tow… No easy task when it means taking several large boxes out to the car and hauling them into a store (with inconvenient parking).

But this weekend I did it! And I made another $40.50.

Unfortunately, neither of the two places accept maternity clothes, so they are still here. I currently have an ad up on craigslist selling them as a lot. I’m hoping they sell before our move. If not, they may go to yet another consignment store or the thrift store if it comes to that.

Now it’s “one in, one out” from here forward. I received a gift card for my birthday which I’m planning to hold on to so that I can replace things as they become worn or stained, etc., which is now a bigger deal than it used to be. For the most part, though, I am enjoying the change. It has simplified laundry days, mornings, and, of course, our move considerably.


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