good riddance jewel case

Recycled all the cases to save space. Will miss the art, but digital music, with some exception for vinyl, from here forward.



6 thoughts on “good riddance jewel case

  1. Did you upload all of it or were you selective? I’ve hung on to all my CDs for years. I tell myself I’ll make them all digital but I just don’t even know if I would listen to a lot of it anymore. I know finding that time is getting tougher and tougher!

    • I had uploaded most of it in the past only to lose it when the computer became outdated, so this time I just kept the CDs I knew I would listen to again. I will only buy digital now, but uploading what I already have would take too much time. Putting the CDs in binders and recycling all the plastic was easy and still saved a lot of space. Plus, I have been enjoying some old favorites since going through them.

  2. I did this years ago; downloaded the music to my computer as mp3′s, only kept the 90 CDs I love,put them in a good quality cd case that can hold 98 cd’s, and then I got rid of the rest. I have also put my dvd’s into good quality DVD cases, so I could get rid of all the jewel cases. It takes way less space than keeping CDs and DVDs in their original cases. I have used slappa cases, they are feet quality, sturdy and it’s easy to take a cd or DVD out and still keep them protected since you can “remove” the sleve they are inn. Check them out on 🙂

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