lamps galore

We are settled in to our new place- for the most part. And we did it without the typically huge, expensive supermarket trip to get/replace a bunch of things that the new place “needs.” We did buy two things: cleaning supplies (the toxic kind which we HATE but will use only if desperate to do a once over of something in really rough shape- like our new tub) and a drain stopper so that we could give our son a bath (after we thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly, rinse the tub).

The only other thing that we need are some lamps since the switches on the ones we had won’t be reachable behind our couches in the new set up. Seems a simple fix. Just buy some lamps. But in the last few weeks of scouring the internet and multiple stores for the perfect price point, size, shape, color, etc, I can tell you it is not.

And in the midst of my search, I stumbled upon this TED talk which some of you have probably already seen as it is from 2005. (I guess I was out of the loop back then.) The message is no less relevant today. Contrary to popular belief, more choices can make us more miserable. A powerful message for keeping things simple.

The living room lamps which by now I have wasted countless hours agonizing over and still have nothing to show for it, are a great example.

It’s time to settle this once and for all, so that I can get back to living my life. Today, lamps will be bought.


4 thoughts on “lamps galore

  1. Done. I bought them in the first store I stepped into and as if the universe wanted to affirm my newfound decisiveness, the woman ahead of me in line said very matter-of-fact, “Nice lamps. Good choice!”

  2. Couldn’t you just have bought some extension cords and used the ones you already had? Just wondering. I’m in Australia and we just have light fittings in the middle of the ceiling of each room, lamps are totally optional.

    • Great question, but unfortunately, no. Our living room is a really awkward shape, so to fit the furniture we had to block off the corners where the lamps would go. The previous lamps had switches on the floor that you step on which we couldn’t reach since they were blocked. Confusing I know. Plus it’s an old building, so there’s a light switch that doesn’t work for anything (that we can tell) and no ceiling fixture in that room. In the end it’s fine because we still use the old lamps in the bedroom, which provide a softer light for reading at night than our harsh ceiling fixture in there. Thanks for your comments!

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