spending on experience

While I have been shopping less, I haven’t exactly been saving more. I am naturally a saver, but in an effort to live more fully, we have spent money on several experiences for this summer. We sort of feel like we are making up for lost time. With having a baby last summer, we didn’t do much other than learn to be parents (of course, still a work in progress).

Last weekend, my husband and I set dates for a number of exciting summer trips that we have been looking forward to all year. Here’s what we wrote in permanent marker:

Memorial Day Timber Frame Cabin Raising
In March, my husband’s family labored together- for the second time- at the North House Folk School cutting timbers for their lake cabin. The project is scheduled to go up over Memorial Day. We are making a weekend trip of it to help out.

My son’s 1st Birthday and 1st Camping Trip – North Shore of Lake Superior
We have reserved a long weekend for this trip but no details have been formalized as of yet- except for his first little dip in the big lake and a dutch oven birthday cake (kicking off a tradition).

Outdoor Concert – Duluth
My husband and I are getting away for the night to hang out with friends and see some favorites on stage back “home” in Duluth.

Fourth of July at My Parent’s Lake Cabin
Again, long weekend escape from the city and time with family. And I do mean family. All the extended family is around for this annual reunion.

Sailing Classes Lake Harriet, Minneapolis
By far the most expensive plans of the summer. We are really looking forward to biking over to the lake together for four evenings of sailing instruction!

Grandparent’s 60th Anniversary Celebration
Definitely something to celebrate!

Hjordis Sailing Trip, Grand Marais, MN
This was given to us as a wedding gift two years ago, and we are just now making plans to use it. We will bring our son on the trip and do some end of summer camping, but the sail is a little trip around the harbor for just my husband and I to relax and enjoy some wine (or hot chocolate depending on the weather!)

So those are the big plans. Because we are camping or staying with family/friends, they really won’t cost much.

I have also been practicing filling my upcoming schedule with fun activities rather than the regular evening/bedtime routine or weekend cleaning and laundry rut. I have penciled in things like the School Board Candidate Forum, Science Museum Dinosaur ExhibitMIA Art in BloomWalker Art Center Family DayMay Day Parade to mix it up once in a while. All are free (or reduced cost for students). I make an effort to go if it’s on the calendar, though it’s only loosely scheduled to keep things simple. It is helping me to make sure our time isn’t eaten up with the mundane. Here’s to seizing the day!


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