hanging up the smart phone

My Samsung Galaxy SII has now totally failed me. I was making due with its delays and quirks, but now it has a mind of its own- powering down and back on without any prompting. When I went in to see if it could be fixed, my provider immediately tried to upsell me, which didn’t sit well. Our service has been terrible anyway, and we have been looking into new carriers. My husband’s phone dying a similar death this last week was the last straw. While most people would be frustrated, I enjoyed the relatively phone-less weekend and have looked at this as an opportunity for simplifying.

I have (for the time being) bowed out of the never-ending technology rat race. I am now smart-phone-less for the first time in two years, and I don’t think I will miss it much. I typically have a couple other devices (albeit older) on me that connect to wifi anyway, so my life won’t change too drastically. Fortunately it will be less tempting to jump on Facebook at any spare moment, which will only stand to benefit my son and other close relationships.

I also feel strangely like I won. My provider tried to convince me that I needed the latest technology- the $600 phone that would be outdated in a year and probably not work after two. Instead, I reconnected a basic phone that I received for free with a contract four years ago, which is still up and running (and that we had to rely on for an alarm clock when both of our very expensive, “nice” phones were on the fritz).

Still, my husband cannot be convinced. He went with the Galaxy S5- $99 with a two-year contract. Our total monthly bill comes to $120- $30 of which is my phone/plan (and not contracted). I will be saving us over $300 a year by checking Facebook, etc. from my other devices. The one big downside for me is that I will no longer have a very nice camera on me at all times. But I do have a great actual camera that I will likely now turn to more often.

What made this whole leap possible (and it does feel like a leap) is knowing that if I am desperate to have a smart phone again, I can sign into a contract at any point and still get the deal. But I can’t see that happening.

Better service, cheaper bill, simpler life. Thank you for powering down smart phone; you have shown me the way.





4 thoughts on “hanging up the smart phone

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the club! I don’t have a smart phone either (and I’m in my 20s, gasp!) and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. I have a sturdy little phone that I don’t have to buy a fancy case or screen protector for, and it works just fine. Something you may start to notice, is how often other people ARE on their smart phones. On the subway, on the street, in bars, in restaurants, in movies, on dates, with their kids, with friends- I find it unbelievably rude, and also unnecessary. Enjoy your freedom and your extra money each month! Cheers!

  2. Hey Taryn,

    We switched to Republic Wireless – no contract and it’s $25/month after you buy the phone… it’s not as reliable as verizon was but it works and feels pretty luxurious to me.

    Here’s my referral link for $20 off if you’re interested: http://rwshar.es/Opr3

  3. Nice work! We’ve dumped our smart phone plan too. We use page plus cellular and its an $18 flip phone, then $12 to refill at 250 mins 250 texts. If you go over you just pay another $12. We’ve had no reliability issues with it. My company provides me a flip phone w unlimited talk but no text or web and I’m fine with that! Our bill dropped from $180 a month to $12 – and we have the same I won! feeling 🙂 freedom!!!

  4. T-
    You should check out the book “Hands Free Mama”. I think you would really get a kick out of it. I’m reading it right now and I am really enjoying trying to live a “hands free” lifestyle.

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