maintaining minimalism

As I continue to look through minimalist blogs, I find it interesting how many people are posting pictures of belongings which they are throwing out or giving away, just as I did when I started blogging. What is it about sharing our success with letting go that makes it feel more liberating? Whatever it is, I know the feeling well. Documenting through photos and seeing the change can be an especially powerful visual representation for how it feels “before” and “after.”

Far fewer bloggers are writing about the joys and struggles of maintaining minimalism. Perhaps as our mindsets change, we also have less to write about it, or less of a desire or commitment to do so. Is only the transition period interesting?  Or is it that we are filling our lives with more than just minimalism, so we graduate to more exciting endeavors offline?

I have found that the less I have to write about minimalism, the more I have to write about living fully. For example, my husband and I have been taking sailing lessons. I had never even stepped into a sailboat before last week, and now we are envisioning future sailing trips with our children. Our lives are not so much changing course as they are headed in the direction we desire them to go. Last night I steered us through some powerful gusts, and I learned that when the wind comes up, sometimes you need to pull the tiller harder than you think to stay on point and many minor adjustments are needed all along the way. Yes, a cliche metaphor, but an apt one for me this week as I reflect on a new-found hobby which requires the focus and flexibility I have learned from simplifying my life up to now.

So maintaining minimalism doesn’t feel quite as exciting as the initial idea and lifestyle shift, but I think that’s the point, it allows other interests to excite us instead.



2 thoughts on “maintaining minimalism

  1. Agreed! Theres only a minimal amount one can really write about minimalism before it’s just the same thing worded differently 🙂 I see minimalism not as the goal, but the vehicle!

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