what’s mine? and the sharing economy

It is officially Fall, and suddenly I am swimming. The good news is that we found out the toy library received a matching grant from the Center for the New American Dream! The grants are meant to stimulate the sharing economy. Please check out our page for more information: http://mplstoylibrary.wordpress.com/

Of course, with this exciting opportunity comes additional time commitments, time I can scarcely afford to volunteer. I have decided to move forward regardless in hopes that the project takes on a life of its own. Or doesn’t. Either way, after recovering from a minor meltdown this past weekend, I am trying not to break under the pressure. I have decided that it will be what it will be.

Speaking of libraries, my son and I have been walking to our local library about once a week to check out children’s books, which I probably enjoy more than he does at this point. When we came home yesterday, I said to him, “Jonah, where are your books?” referring to the library books we just check out, and immediately I reflected on this possessive language (1) because they’re not really his (2) because I always refer to things as being his- “your toys,” “your car,” “your milk,” “your chair.” My niece is currently going through that period where everything is “mine,” and I thought, no wonder kids have such a difficult time sharing, we’re constantly telling them things are theirs. I have decided to be more intentional about how I use this language around him. Of course, sometimes I will undoubtedly say, “Lets put on your shirt,” but I think I can limit it. “Jonah, where are your the library books?” “Look at all your the toys.”


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